flow balancing massage

(1hr/150€, 75min/180€)

This massage will help you find balance and serenity through long and flowing movements. I will combine different techniques and pressure depending on your preference and your needs.

deep dynamic massage

(1hr/150€, 75min/180€)

By treating the deep layer of muscles, this massage energizes, stimulates and helps increase oxygen flow. Varying levels of deep massage pressure will release and dissolve tension that can ease chronic pain and improve range of motion. Stretching techniques are combined to restore the body’s equilibrium & wellbeing.

back and head massage

(40min/ 100€)

A deeply relaxing massage using long strokes with deep pressure to eliminate toxins & ease muscle tension in your back. Massaging the head can help stimulate nerves and blood vessels around the area and calm muscle tension around the scalp. A head massage can be both a relaxing and an invigorating experience.

(this therapy can be combined perfectly with reflexology)


(40min/ 100€)

This therapy focuses on and stimulates the reflex points on your feet, hands and head, which unblock corresponding essential energy flow to every area of the body and ignite your body’s own healing mechanisms.

cupping therapy

(30min/ 80€)

A type of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping therapy involves creating a vacuum within glass cups placed on certain acupuncture points on the skin. ​This will relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair.

(c​upping therapy usually works better combined with flow balancing massage, deep dynamic massage, back & head massage​)

prenatal massage

(75min/ 180€)

A magical stage of your life is about to begin. Relax and enjoy smooth, rhythmic circulation that helps you release muscle tension. A calm atmosphere of connection and love will be created for both mother and child.

dry needling

(45min/ 100€)

Dry needling is a treatment that involves the insertion of a very thin needle into trigger points or tight muscles of your body. The main purpose is to improve tissue healing and restore muscle function. Dry needling can loosen stiff muscles, ease joint pain and improve blood flow and oxygen circulation within the body. Repeated treatments bring results for those who are trying to optimize sports performance, recover from injury or prevent issues from becoming chronic.


What should i wear?

A smile!

What do I need to have in my space?

Two large towels.

How should I prepare?

Avoid heavy meals or alcohol at least two hours prior. Take a shower to remove body lotions or any other residue.

Can I keep my phone with me?

Why would you do that? This is your time to tune out.

How can I schedule a session?

The best way is to book it two to three days in advance.

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