About me

Hi ! I’m Efi. Nice to meet you.
I’m a massage therapist and bodyworker based in Athens and the Greek island of Antiparos.

My approach draws wisdom from traditional holistic medicine, the best Western methods and the latest scientific research to provide the most trusted care.

I am a licensed massage therapist with thirteen years of spa and on-site experience, certified in Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha and Dry Needling.

My treatments are tailor-made to suit your needs, often combining two or more techniques in order to reach your desired results. I strongly believe that all people deserve to take care of their bodies, and massage therapy is key for maintaining physical and mental well-being.

The tools given to us by hands-on bodywork allow us to take responsibility for our health and enjoy the instant relief and long-term side effects of a massage session: body awareness, awakened heart, an open mind.

I use only the finest natural oils, employ strict hygiene standards and perform my treatments on a professional massage table that is comfortable for all body types. Treatments can be carried out  in the comfort of your personal space, indoors or outdoors, to the sound of soothing music.

On a more personal note I am also a classical piano player and composer. Clients often comment that my touch feels musical! I am devoted to my bodywork practice because I love helping people tune into the rhythms of their bodies through my deep flow and movement therapy.

Athens Antiparos